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Our office partitions range is divided into 3 series: IT MASTER, high-range partitions, IT 85 perfect combination between blind and glass partitions. And the IT 50, the single fixed panel partition. Choose the best option for your requirement.


The IT-MASTER partitions offers an inovative design and a perfect finish. This partitions can be combined perfectly with the IT-85 series.


Model IT 85

The IT-85 series is the right solution for your office. Quality and design offer the best fit-out and acoustic isolation for your work place.


Model IT 50

The IT-SERIES is made to be an affordable and fast solution for your work place.



 We design, manufacture and distribute our own  partitioning system, under the brand IT SISTEMAS.
Specialized in office interior design, our modular partitions are the best option for your work place.

Frequent Questions about Partitions

1. What are the partitions?
They are the best option for the distribution of office and facilities. The partitions are modular and easy to assembly.  Their installation requires no masory work, oposite materials such as drywalls.

2. What are they made of ?
There are 2 kinds of partitions
Glass partitons and Woodchip partitions

The glass panels are made of laminated glass. It is a very resistant glass that offers a high sound insulation.

5 mm thick. 1 monolithic glass

6 mm thick. 2 monolithic glass and / or laminated glass 3 +3

5 +5 mm. 1 laminated glass butyral (PVB color to choose)
6 +6 mm. 1 laminated glass butyral (PVB color to choose)
8 +8 mm. 1 laminated glass butyral (PVB color to choose)
This type of glass provides high resistance to shocks and jolts, and greater noise attenuation.

Woodchip partitions:
These partitions are made of woodchipcore and have a top slide of melanine (0.2 mm of thickness). The thickness of each panel is 16 mm. They can be in horizontal or vertical position.

Other Materials:
Profiles profiles we use are made of aluminum. The colours we always have in stock are anodized aluminum, black, white and bronze. If you require a different colour don´t hesitate to request it.

Rock wool: This is a common fiber placed between the woodchip panels to increase the thermal and acoustic insulation.

3. What finishes are available?

You can choose the finish that best fits your facilities: wood range from a soft pine to a dark cherry or monochrome colours such as white, red, green, blue sky, cream, etc..

4. Which partition is the best for my office?

If you want to give added value to your work place, if you meet clients frequently and want to make a good impression, we recommend the IT-MASTER series.
If you are looking for a good sound insulation, privacy and a warmth for your office, IT-85 series is your partition. This series can be combined with IT-MASTER series.
If you require a single partition, we recommend the economical IT-50. Perfect for warehouses, workshops and facilities.

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